About Us

Tap The Web is a Website Provider for the Office Equipment Industry. The founder of Tap The Web, Tim Piette, has decades of industry experience. Tim started selling Canon and Minolta copiers for A-Copy/Alco Standard in Worcester, MA out of college. When a Xerox Agency opened up in in Windham County, Connecticut in 1989, Tim jumped at the chance to partner with a respected local company and have a protected Xerox territory. Within a few years, Tim became a record setting Xerox Sales Agent. Tim grew Xerox’s market share to 30% in Windham County, one of the highest market share concentrations in the entire country. Tim was the Southern New England Region’s Xerox Agent of the year 10 years in a row. While growing his business, Tim also received an MBA from Nichols College in Massachusetts. Having an MBA, gives him a unique perspective on the industry and its relationship with the rest of the business world. In his 20 plus years as a Xerox Agent, Tim achieved Presidents Club 5 times, placing him in the top 2% of Agents multiple times. He enjoyed two separate trips to Hawaii as well as other locations. Tim loves to travel and has been to all 50 states and over 40 countries around the world.
After getting his MBA in 1995, Tim came up with the idea of providing websites to Xerox Agents in the late 1990s. Meanwhile, Tim became a Xerox Agency Owner. When Xerox bought Global Imaging, it destroyed the protected territory model. Tim learned HTML and website design and started building a real website business. A business, based not only on providing up-to-date websites, but also focusing on Google Search and getting his customers found in Google searches. Google has changed its algorithms over the years, but Tim stays up to date on the current trends and is constantly making adjustments to keep his customers on the top of Google’s search results.

Building a web-site with us is fast and efficient. After working with Adobe’s DreamWeaver website design software for a number of years, we switched to WordPress in 2021 and have quickly become experts.  WordPress is a simpler yet more dynamic platform and allows for better Search Engine Optimization. We offer office equipment dealer website services including design, hosting and all updates for one affordable cost. Most important of all SEO is built into each of our website as a standard feature. Our 15 years of Google Search knowledge is built into each new customer’s website from day one. Whether you need an entire website, or just want to use our complete up-to-date product catalogs we can help. If you want to replace your old site with a new look; we can have a new site up in a day or two. If you are satisfied with your existing site and are simply having a hard time keeping products up to date we can help you there as well.

Can potential customers find you when when doing a Google search? Google is constantly making changes to their algorithms and we are on top of these changes. As an office equipment dealer you have plenty of things to keep you up at night. Worrying about your web presence should not be one of those things. Can potential customers find you on Google for popular search terms? What are customers seeing when they do visit your website? Is everything up-to-date and easy to find? If not, that is where we come in.

Website Design is not a DIY Project.

Are you fully utilizing the Internet to help grow your business? Is your website up-to-date or is it full of discontinued models? Are your sales people frustrated that the latest models are not on your site? Are potential customers finding your business when they look for equipment? If not, let us help you Tap into The Web.

We maintain product catalogs for all major brands.

Canon Copier Dealer Websites, Konica Minolta Copier Dealer Websites, Kyocera Copier Dealer Websites, Ricoh Copier Dealer Websites, Sharp Copier Dealer Websites, Toshiba Copier Dealer Websites and Xerox Copier Dealer Websites.