Mobile First

What is Google’s Mobile First

Mobile-first indexing means Google’s web crawler prioritizes indexing the mobile version of a website’s content over its desktop counterpart. Which informs rankings. With Google’s original desktop-first indexing, their system would crawl pages from your site with the desktop and mobile user agent (crawlers). 

Make sure that content is the same on desktop and mobile

Even with the equivalent content, differences in DOM or layout between desktop and mobile page can result in Google understanding the content differently. However having the same content on the desktop and mobile version ensures that the two versions can rank for the same keywords.

Make sure that your mobile site contains the same content as your desktop site. If your mobile site has less content than your desktop site, consider updating your mobile site so that its primary content is equivalent to your desktop site. You can have a different design on mobile to maximize user experience (for example, moving content into accordions or tabs); just make sure that the content is equivalent to the desktop site, since almost all indexing on your site comes from the mobile site.

Search Console changes.
Google also announced that it will be turning off the indexing crawler information in the settings page in Google Search Console. Google is removing this because the “information is no longer needed since all websites that work on mobile devices are now being primarily crawled with our mobile crawler,” Google explained.

Why we care. That is all folks – this is one for the history books. Mobile-first indexing is now really done, and Google will soon stop crawling via its legacy desktop crawler completely.