If you sell and support Copier/Printer/Scanner MFPs are you a Copier Dealer or an Office Equipment Dealer? Or both? Does it matter? The short answer is not really – except to Google. The designation is very important in potential customers’ ability to find you when searching for your products or services.

Searches for “Office Equipment Dealers” tend to show Staples, Office Depot and other office supply dealers. Yet many dealers are listed in their Google Business Profiles as “Office equipment suppliers”. The reason for this is that Google has limited choices when it comes to describing your business.

Here are some of the choices offered by Google:

Office equipment supplier
Copier repair service
Photocopiers Supplier
Printer repair service
Office supply store

Most Office Equipment Dealers stopped using the term copier years ago. Dealers will say they are not just selling Office Equipment they are providing technology solutions. However, customers still use the term copier even when they are looking for IT/Networking services as well as hardware. Searches for IT/Networking generally bring up pure networking companies that consider Cisco Routers as hardware as opposed to Copier/Printer output devices.

Potential customers also often use the term copier and printer interchangeably. However Google considers the term “Printer” to mean commercial printers. When the term printer is used in conjunction with copier it is then viewed as the Copier Printer MFP.

Google is constantly changing its algorithms in order provide the most useful results. Search Engine Optimization is both an art and a science. If you handle one website it is very difficult to figure out what works. It can take weeks to see the results of any changes. We provide websites for over 100 dealers and are constantly experimenting with the latest best practices to see what works and what does not.

Each Tap The Web website is completely optimized using proven techniques before it is launched. Sites are also optimized for both terms – Copiers Dealers and Office Equipment Dealers. Most importantly the sites are optimized for your location. We get results for both your primary and secondary markets. Also each product page can be individually labeled to show up in search results. If you are reading this, you probably prefer the term Office Equipment Dealer to Copier Dealer. Our goal is to create a website that will get you noticed and generate leads.

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